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       CaptainU - Team Profiles


Xtreme Dimensions has partnered with CaptainU to create the official roster book for college coaches for our 2019 events.

Please click the link below to add your team roster to the event you'll be attending, so your team and players are included. It is free and takes only five minutes to add your players’ basic information.

If you have a team account already, you just need to login, click on ‘Events’ at the top of the page, then add the tournament name so your roster is included in this year’s event.

Once you add your team, your players will receive an invitation to create a free CaptainU profile. CaptainU profiles give athletes and parents a tool to manage the college recruiting process and maximize their exposure to college coaches at the event.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Sarah with CaptainU at sarah.easterling@stacksports.com