XTreme Dimensions Softball Camps



This past weekend, I came down for the Sunday games, I've been to your tournaments several times this summer.  That Maureen Welch facility is incredible.  I don't think you need my validation, but I suppose positive feedback is always nice.  Your staff has been great every time I come down whether it be at Armstrong, Welch or Council Rock.  I can always get up to date information and schedules and the fields are always in the best shape for the games.  And the competition is very good as well.

Take care,

Ben Master

New England College - Head Softball Coach


I just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed your showcase and the hospitality you provided all weekend.  I have never had anyone communicate and keep you posted as well as you did from the camp into the showcase.  We had a great weekend and played well (6-0).  We look forward to returning in the fall as well as having our whole team participate in the camps next summer.  Once again thank you and keep me posted on any opportunities you may have with Xtreme.

John DeMatteo

Impact Panthers Gold


Xtreme Winter Softball Camp Video

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Coach Waye,

I wanted to thank you for putting together this incredible camp. I had such a great time. Meeting Jackie Traina was definitely the highlight of the weekend. But I enjoyed getting back on the mound and playing in an actual game. Really excited for the season to start.
Thanks again.


Dear Stacey,

I wanted to write and say thank you! The Camp was very well run, and an awesome experience for Madison.